Episode Thirteen by Craig DiLouie

A group of ghost hunters are setting up shop in what is said to be one of the most haunted places in the states and hoping it will be ground breaking enough to promise a second season with the tv channel. The big boss lady thinks the team should focus more on the drama and relationships of the group so they are really looking for a hail mary from the house.

A group of scientists in the 70’s wanted to experiment paranormal activity on volunteers and share their discoveries and become super duper famous in the history books. They try every experiment ever and end up disappearing. It’s ALOT like the movie, The Quiet Ones with a nice found footage spin on it. (Thank you to the horror movie group on Facebook for helping me remember what movie that was)

The author masterfully writes three different perspectives throughout the story going from what is happening in the now, the ghost team writing their thoughts and perspectives in journal entries, and what the camera captures while they are away. The way the hauntings begin promises to send chills and make you keep your light on at night.

Don’t listen to the other reviewers, the ending was freaking awesome. Not everyone appreciates found footage.

A note to all horror authors, we need more found footage books please. The book world is extra lacking in alien and cult found footage.

An extra thank you to the publishers after receiving multiple emails from me begging to get an early copy.


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